Kil'jaeden (9/9)M

Tenie GM posted Nov 26, 17

Woosah Gratz everyone! Job well done!

Fallen Avatar(8/9)M

Tenie GM posted Oct 1, 17

Maiden of Vigilance (7/9)M

Tenie GM posted Sep 4, 17

Mistress Sassz'ine (6/9)M

Tenie GM posted Aug 21, 17

The Desolate Host (5/9)M

Tenie GM posted Jul 26, 17

Well, you know ive got strong feelings towards you Gattsu, dont change them :d
[link] @drogyg do you like my new bracers ! ?
Guyz 3%! You can do it!
Cmon boyz 15%, you can this
I'm Boooooooored