Gul'dan (10/10) M

Tenie GM posted May 18, 17

Star Augur Etraeus (8/10) M

Tenie GM posted Apr 11, 17

dRoGyg Some fat ugly huge big-assed jumper in the middle blocked me!:(
Gasmidis lol@my swaggity swag pose haha

Tichondrius (7/10) M

Tenie GM posted Mar 13, 17

dRoGyg Good job guys!:))

Riujinjakka Officer If u look closely at Blade, u will see i empaphized the boobs, and the blonde hair, therefore blood elf. Teni's big...
Nelethor Which race are Teni and Blade playing?
100% accurate
for Viraela [link]
[link] Brace yourselves for melees at sisters mythic